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You worked hard so your dog could have the backyard he deserves.

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Moving out of your college dorm wasn’t too bad. You threw your stuff in a duffle bag, a few small boxes and left that XL Twin bed and built in desk behind. A few years down the road and you’ve gained a four-legged friend. He’s your best bud, and he’s riding shotgun on your life adventures for the next decade. But what happens when one of those adventures is relocating? Moving homes entails a lengthy to-do list, and all too often it doesn’t include accommodations for our pets. To no fault of your own, it’s just not something that’s on the forefront of our minds when we are closing on a house, buying boxes and bubble wrapping our fifth-generation hand me downs. To make your life easier, we have compiled a few resources to make relocating with your pets as easy as possible.

What do I do with my pet when movers are in our home?

You’ll need to access your pets’ level of acceptance to strangers in your home. In most cases, a pet can be put in a cage, or in a comfortable room while the movers pack and load the items throughout the rest of the home. If this is not an option, Rover offers affordable pet walking and pet sitting services you can utilize during the duration of your move. Your pet gets some extra special attention, and you can stay focused on your move.

There is an overlap between my pick-up and my delivery. Where can I stay with my pet?

In a perfect world your move would be a minor inconvenience of a few hours and you’d be settled in your new home by dinner time. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When friends and family aren’t local you can find yourself scrambling for pet friendly overnight accommodations. Check out the BringFido app for a directory of PAWesome hotels and Airbnb’s.

How do I find a vet in my new town?

There’s going to be a lot of NEW things in addition to your new home. New schools, new doctors, new grocery stores, and of course a new vet for your pet. Here is a comprehensive directory of vets tailored to your area.

We hope these tips make relocating with your pet easier. As always, our Handle With Care Moving team looks forward to being of service to you, and your furry family members.

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