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Packing Materials

If you are in need of packing material look no further! We offer various types of boxes as well as protective materials to keep your items safe and secure. All of our materials can be picked up in person at our office and in most cases we can even deliver them for free. If you're looking to save money we do offer lightly used boxes and recycled packing paper based on availability. Please call ahead so we can have the materials ready for you to pick up!  Superior Customer Service is what we aim for.

Small Book Box (Small)

17" x 12" x 12"


Our small boxes are best for books, movies, DVD's, unopened canned goods, records, and small miscellaneous items.

Medium Box

18" x 18" x 16"


Our medium boxes are great for large kitchen items, small appliances, electronics, clothes, shoes, and miscellaneous items.

Large Box 

18" x 18" x 24"


Our large boxes are great for blankets, pillows, clothing, toys, kitchen tupperware, lamps and lampshades, and any other large but light object.

Dish Pack 

18" x 18' x 28"


Our dish packs are double insulated for extra protection and sturdiness. This box is perfect for glass kitchen items, dishes, cups, china, fragile items, large lamps or lampshades, light but fragile vases, or any large miscellaneous item.


These dish packs do not have cells, they are open boxes with double insulated walls for added protection.

Large Wardrobes

24" x 21" x 48"


All wardrobes come with the 24" metal bar for hanging clothes. It keeps everything protected, secure, and wrinkle free! There is also room on the bottom of the box to add shoes or linens. You can fit a standard coat closet worth of items in this box.


These wardrobes can also be used for moving large toys, cleaning equipment such as brooms, mops, or a light vacuum, or even sporting goods!

Frame Boxes

We combine two or four assembled pieces to protect picture frames, artwork, posters, and mirrors. The picture on the left shows one piece assembled. The box is four inches wide so you can safely fit a small number of framed pictures and artwork per box.


Two pieces combined form one enclosed box 32" x 4" x 22" ($5.00)

Four pieces combined form one enclosed box 61" x 4" x 44" ($10.00)


Bubble Wrap (Small bubbles) 

4' x 1' perforated sheets


Bubble wrap can be used to wrap dishes, china, fragile items, glass shelves, mirrors, TV's, paintings, framed pictures, and any items that need extra padded protection.

Paper Bundle (500 sheets) 

18" x 36" individual sheets


This unprinted newsprint paper can be used to wrap dishes, cups, china, picture frames, glass figurines, fragile items, and even used to fill empty spaces while packing boxes. When used to fill empty spaces it secures the items in the box so nothing can move around and get damgaged.


Paper bundles come in packages of 500 sheets.

Packing Tape 

2" x 150 yards


This clear packing tape is necessary to secure all moving boxes! It is used to secure the top and bottom of cardboard boxes. It also can be used to secure packing paper or bubble wrap around fragile items. Fits a standard packing tape gun (not included).

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