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Spring Clean of '17

Spring Clean of '17

Just when Ann Arbor thought that Spring had Sprung, and we were getting out the sandal’s and shorts, Michigan laughed in our face and dumped 5 inches of snow on us. Fortunately, warmer weather is on the horizon and what does that mean? SPRING CLEANING! You know, the thing we say we’re going to do, but come up with excuses to keep that junk in our basement. Well, Handle With Care Moving and their sister company "Clutter Hauler" is taking away any excuse. We have utilized Ann Arbor Recycle Center, to provide our customers with a service in which we come, and remove your junk. Simple as that. If you want it gone, consider it taken care of.

There are obviously exceptions, for safety reasons, and to keep our trucks in pristine condition for our moves, we CAN NOT take the following items:

  • Garbage Waste

  • Paint

  • Hazardous chemicals

  • Flammable substances

  • Vehicles


Here are some helpful tips for your SPRING CLEAN OF '17

Did you know that Furniture stores get new shipments in TWICE a year? Once in January (That ship has sailed), and again in July (Believe it or not, that's right around the corner). This means that May and June are PRIME TIME SALE opportunities. Obviously, you can't spruce up your digs, if your living room has the couch your parents gave you when you moved out, Clutter Haul it away!

It's no secret that Spring is the optimal time to purchase a new home. The ultimate Spring Clean is to purge all, and start fresh (Wouldn't that be nice), unfortunately this is often unrealistic. What we CAN do for you, is pack all of your belongings. Yes! Handle With Care Moving is a FULL SERVICE company. We can pack your kitchen, we can pack your library, anything and everything in between.

I wont flood you with too much information in one post, just keep this in mind; between Clutter Hauler, and Handle With Care Moving, this spring, WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED!

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